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To present the quality at the determined value in our projects,

To use our resources in the most effective and efficient way without compromising the engineering discipline,

To comply with legal regulations and specifications,

To maximize our performance and competitiveness,

As Özçeliksan İnşaat, our goal is; To be the preferred business partner in the market as a company that does not compromise on business ethics, honesty and quality in line with our core values.

It will continue its working life with the awareness of its responsibility in projects that will contribute to the development of our country. We will continue to serve you proudly for many more years with the STRENGTH and COURAGE we have received from you.


While realizing our goals, we adopt it as our principle to deliver reliable, trouble-free and above-expected works to our customers by employing qualified personnel, while keeping our costs down, increasing our productivity, increasing our competitiveness, and prioritizing the satisfaction of our employees, without compromising our quality.

In this way, we aim to become reliable in the market and to ensure the continuity of the trust gained.


Our biggest goal is to beautify the facades of buildings by adding aesthetics and spirit, and thus to contribute to the formation of city silhouettes with architectural visual beauty.

Customer Satisfaction is our first goal, it is our company policy to fulfill its requirements and continuously improve its effectiveness.


Biaport Ozluce

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